Tank Chair – An All-Terrain Motorized Wheelchair

This may be the perfect gift for the mobility challenged person who loves the outdoors, or for someone who just loves unusual motorized gadgets. We saw the Tank Chair v.II at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

According to the Phoenix company’s brochure, the Tank Chair is a custom, off-road wheel chair. It claims to take on sand, snow, mud, gravel and streams. The Tank Chair has rubber tracks, a one-piece steel chassis and runs on four 12 volt deep cycle batteries. It weighs in at 300 pounds and has a very comfortable seat. If you love the outdoors and lack mobility, this may be the perfect solution.

Tank Chair all terrain wheelchairThe Tank Chair looks and feels like a very heavy duty all terrain wheelchair. Furthermore, it looks like it can tackle almost any reasonable off road terrain.

The company’s web site indicates that it can take on a 10% incline. They also indicate that the chair has gone up and down stairs, but that might be a bit too scary for me.

There is also an interesting story about how this unique, motorized gadget came into existence. Apparently the wife of the guy who developed the Tank Chair broke her back in an automobile accident and found herself confined to a wheel chair. One day while watching a herd of elk and trying to get a better view, the standard wheelchair became repeatedly stuck in the mud. The family’s mutual love of the great outdoors led to an innovative solution that is far more mobile than the typical wheelchair.

For more information, check out their web site at TankChair.com.